Dollar sign and material params in Behaviors XML

Hi, this code doesn’t work, the engine doesn’t find the node:

<Component ID="$RegistrationNumber" Node="$RegistrationNumber">
   what else code 

In the 3D model .gltf file, the node name is $RegistrationNumber. How can I define this component in xml? I’ve tried:

<Component ID='$RegistrationNumber' Node='$RegistrationNumber'>
<Component ID="RegistrationNumber" Node="RegistrationNumber">
<Component ID='\u0024RegistrationNumber' Node='\u0024RegistrationNumber'>
<Component ID='&#36;RegistrationNumber' Node='&#36;RegistrationNumber'>

and others combinations, but nothing works.

Hello @Socorrista22198

$RegistrationNumber is usually a material name, not a node name so make sure this is a node.

I just tested this on the Da62 SDK sample and I was able to create a component for the registration number node named $Registration_Number_Default


Thanks, you are true, I forgot the named with $ are materials, not nodes. I got confused because in some models there is a node named RegistrationNumber with his own material $RegistrationNumber like in the C152, and in others no, for example in the 208B GRAND CARAVAN EX, where the node name is Fuselage and the material name is $RegistrationNumber.

Is there any way to manipulate the material inside the model.xml? Something like:

<Component ID="Fuselage" Node="Fuselage">
  <Material ID="RegistrationNumber" Way_to_find_the_material="$RegistrationNumber">

I found in some samples, that there is the tag Material but I don’t find more info in the SDK docs and don’t remember to see about how to use it.

Hello @Socorrista22198

These are unused tags.
The emissive is the only material parameter you can control.


Thanks Sylvain, you are good doing your task, if I would be your boss I would increase your salary :slight_smile:

If you can escalate to the proper department the easy solution for the empty registration numbers bug when the aircraft is not the player, we would preciate it. The only necessary here is separate the material $RegistrationNumber from the Fuselage node in the 3D model. A good example is the Cabri helicopter, is very easy to hide those ugly white boxes. And including this code in the model.xml for future updates:

<Component ID="RegistrationNumber" Node="RegistrationNumber">
	<UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Visibility_Code">
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