Doubled windsock (bug?)

Hi. Some customers report doubled windsocks in our products however during our
tests only one was visible. We are sure that in the project there is only one
windsock placed. Can this be a sim bug?
This effect occurs during the
(strong) wind. Here: <
update-6-flight-live-come-here-for-updates/459829/2> the following fix is
mentioned: "-Fixed windsocks bad orientation on some bespoke airports " Is
this related to the bug in the screenshot?

Hello. That’s not something we saw yet but looking for it on forums, it seems
you’re not the only one to encounter the exact same problem. - The package is
built with SU5 and users are testing with SU5? - Do both windsocks disappear
if the user removes your package? - Can he take the same screenshot with
devmode “Sim Object” option enabled and “Show animatables” checked?

Regards, Sylvain

Dunno if this does help but I experienced the same issue in my previous
package (LN Design - EGLK Blackbushe). All my customers where complaining
about a double windsock even tho I managed to remove that (I had a custom made
windsock closer to the real counterpart). After that, I saw that even tho it
was not appearing in DevMode, it was popping out when loading in the game
without DevMode enabled and loading the compiled scenery, no matter the
exclusion rectangles placed.