Driving side of the road

Can I change the side of the road that ground vehicles drive on? Mine are
driving on the right side even though my airports are in the UK. (Which is
left-hand drive)

Hi @pyreegue, I have checked both on SU9 and SU10 While we agree that it can
give weird behavior on small roads / cities, we can observe that vehicles
drive correctly on the left side in the UK. Although the system is not perfect
for small towns/roads, we have no plans to work on it at the moment. On the
other hand, if you want to do some testing, you can use the ****Living

to change the
Best regards, Boris

Thanks, but what I mean is that while vehicles do drive on the left side of
the road in that region (UK), airport vehicles that follow Vehicle Paths drive
on the right side. That’s the puzzling bit for me.

Pretty sure we get this in NZ too. Maybe would be good to get the Airport AI -
Living World Traffic / Fuel Trucks etc to respect the Left/Right in the Living
World Region to do the same as OSM road traffic if possible. Also would have
to check to see if it was patched already, but the OSM Traffic are driving
backward in SU10b around roundabouts at least, not sure about all roads - the
models are facing the wrong way and on an angle.

Same here. It would really be great to have the this option. Ideally using a
tag in the airport attributes like “LEFT_HAND_GSE = TRUE/FALSE”. Looks weird
particularly if this is mixed with custom scripted traffic that’s driving on
the correct side of the apron vehicle paths.

Wouldn’t it be sooooo awesome to have airport specific “LivingWorld_Config”
controls… :wink: (Gonna take my shots wherever I can. Sorry Boris :smiley: )