Duplicate object GUIDs in Scenery?

Microsoft has added scenery content with many duplicate GUIDs (for example:
microsoft-airport-efva-vaasa’s modelLib.BGL and microsoft-airport-edhl-
luebeck-blankensee’s modelLib.BGL). Not only do these share the same BGL
names, but actually contain duplicate GUIDs. How does this affect the sim?
Which GUID is actually shown? I thought the whole purpose of GUIDs was to have
absolutely non-competing objects. Is this now considered best practice; to
have duplicate modelLib names containing duplicate GUIDs? Or should Microsoft
rewrite these modelLibs with non-identical names and assign non-identical
GUIDs properly? Or should we just assign redundant GUIDs into redundantly
named ModelLib.bgl?

Are they different objects with the same GUID’s?? That would be bad. I’m sure
you’re aware of this, but, as long as the modelib.bgl has a unique path, it’s
ok, but, I always rename them just in case.

All objects should have their own GUID (Unique Identifier). Bad practice to
share the GUID whether the model is identical or not. And it is bad practice
to have BGLs identically named in the sim. It’s quite easy to name a BGL as
microsoft-eggp-modelLib.bgl rather than just modelLib.BGL It’s a bit lazy, and
could lead to trouble in the sim. I think Microsoft should adhere to a basic
best practices concerning folder and BGL naming, and I think Asobo should ask
them to fix it.

Both airports are using the same models. A object library would probably be
better (so you wont endup with multiple same model data and textures, but
that’s another topic)