Duplicated projected mesh

I started to get the issue of duplicated projected meshes in the game window
while there is only one of the kind in the scenery editor list. When I try to
move a PM there is another one showing right beneath it, but this other one is
not in the list and I can’t do anything with it. Tried cleaning all, building
all, deleted packageint and packages folders manually - same thing happens. I
can’t even imagine where else the scenery is cached to delete all that. I
remember this was a thing a couple updates ago, is it a known problem now?

Hello @ZdenniZ , Do you have this issue 100% of the time (I mean, even after a
sim restart) ? Is your community folder empty ? We’ll need your project to
try to reproduce this. [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Hello @ZdenniZ - its an identical duplicate right ? I get this almost 100% of
the time when adjusting the position of a projected mesh i.e. its the same
projected mesh displaying twice - a ghost image displays in the original
position with the moved PM . Its some sort of Dev mode display bug as after
building and loading the new package the moved mesh displays fine. I’ve kinda
gotten used to it and try to ignore the ghost image while positioning -
although it does need fixing as fine moves can be difficult with the ghosting
on top of the actual mesh.

Yes, exactly this! Happens 100% of the time with all projected meshes in the
scene. Makes me real nuts trying to put semi-transparent layers of PMs on top
of each other due to this ghosting.

Hi @Boris Yes, it does happen all of the time and the issue is confirmed
below by CIAE985, exactly the same happens in my case. My community folder is
empty in the way that there is no compiled package of the scenery I am making
when I get this issue, do you mean I need to make it literally empty as to
delete everything else in there? I will try making a package for you, the
project is just too big in file size to try uploading it somewhere.