Duplications of Data and Changes being made in XML files in Aircraft Project

I am getting odd changes made to XML files in the past 2+ weeks since joining
the SU11 Beta and even today. I have been finding duplications added (sections
of code added/duplicated/copy-pasted) into my XML’s. Last night, it happened
several times where Notepad++ said ‘A change was made to this file by another
program. Save it?’ This happened while testing in the simulator. I found a
huge amount of the model interior XML had been copied / duplicated. I had
thought this was because of Notepad malfunctioning. Small changes here and
there, the ‘package’ section in my aircraft project XML being erased several
times in a row (was having issues changing the name of the plane and it was
erasing it). Some very odd things going on. My humble report on these. Bill
Lionheart Creations

If you have a cfg file open in a 3rd party program and then you save/sync then
it will update cfg files so you will get notified that the open cfg file you
have was changed by another program. So you just click yes to update because
this is the changes the aircraft editor did. But for XML changes made by the
editor makes no sense since it does not write this code. So I am not sure how
to help here as I have not seen this myself. Maybe see if you can replicate
this with steps and share them.