Edit Airport Elevation

I did post this question on the community support of MSFS but maybe I should
have posted it here… I created a new airport a few months ago and would like
to edit the airport elevation, but I do not see any field in the editors that
indicated Elevation. Is there a way to edit elevation without re-creating the
airport again?

Hello @DaneSimAir, You can use the terraforming option and the element will
be updated. Another option is to open the scenery xml and change the alt
atribute of the Airport element and only the visual selector (the blue circle
when you select your airport in the scenery editor) will be updated, not the
terraforming. Regards, Boris

Has the altitude attribute methodology changed with MSFS? Back in FSX, you had
to put altitude changes in front of the base scenery database, as after the
initial airport altitude setting, FSX ignored any changes to the airport
altitude. Is this option now honored at the last instance, or do we still have
to create an altitude change and position it ahead of the base scenery in the

Hello @Boris First thank you for reaching out but I guess I need additional
help as I don’t quite understand what you said I should do as I am new at this
scenery creation. To explain my dilemma, I goofed up in creating the original
airport by inserting feet as the elevation when I should have inserted metres

Hello @DaneSimAir , Ok, I got it :wink: Open the .XML of your scenery, look for
the atribute alt in the Airport element and change its value (in feet).
Save the file and load your project.

alt="203"** magvar="0.000000" trafficScalar="1.000000" airportTestRadius="2000.00000000000000" applyFlatten="TRUE" isOnTIN="FALSE" starAirport="TRUE">

Regards, Boris

Thank you I totally understand and just did it. Great.