Editor problems

Guys! I do not see anybody complaining about the editor since sim update V.
For me any my collaguea in the editor the projected mesh is loaded but after
that as you move the camera it disappears. In the scenery editor tab I cannot
uncollapse the Airport group. Cannot change anything there. For the xbox
release we cannot finish the package. Are these problems present at you as
well? If yes how do you deal with it? Thanks

Hello. Someone will have a look at the projected mesh issue. Regarding the
inability to uncollapse the Airport Group, we’ve been unable to reproduce the
issue so far. Can you provide us with a package causing the issue in case this
is related to the way files are formatted? Thanks you Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the answer. Yes of course I can provide the package, just let me
please know how to send it to you. Through the official Teams channel?

I am having the same issue. Groups collapsing when expanding the parent
airport. Then no projected mesh, and crashing when I close the project. I can
also supply the files if needed to investigate.

One other important issue I have in the scenery Editor: When export a Scenery
model with the babylon Exporter in 3Dmax, the Object will not be reloaded in
the sim since 1.18.13 (max exporter still from SDK 0.13, as it is the newest
one). The reload of the project, a build or a „replace model“ by selecting the
Object again will NOT load the changed gltf file. When I press the Build
button in the project, the packet will be recreated, but he scenery object in
the sim are gone. A reload of the asset will only bring back the old Object
version. Only after the restart of the sim and reopen of the project, the new
exported model is shown. With the sim versions before (until yesterday) I
never had in issue regarding reloading and display of new exported scenery
objects. Both other issues reported before (projected meshes and Airport
grouping) can fully confirmed here, not working anymore.

Yup, same as well Opabst and the same within my circle of my dev friends. All
report the realtime gLTF loader is broken. You cannot see a new model unless
you literally back out of the sim, build and load again. We need some answers
to this and the MaterialLib issues asap :frowning: I hope a hotfix comes fast.

I wonder if this issue is related:
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3288 I tracked it down to the gLTF
loader unable to find textures for certain material types, the textures of
course are indeed present in the folder… it is the gLTF package loader
failing to find them since the 1.18 update. As a concurrence textures files
don’t get converted to .DDS and copied to the package folder, resulting on
pink textures. If you convert the textures manually to .DDS and create the
Json files manually, the model loads all textures… so the fault is clearly
with the packaging tool / gLTF version 1.18.x. We do need indeed a fix for
this, the amount of time to develop 3D is now crazy due to the fault described
on this thread, missing texture conversions and other issues related to the
editor, I am going nuts… so much headache. Regards, Simbol

+1 for projected mesh issues. Projected mesh for already released product is
now corrupt and have spent all morning trying to repair with no luck.
Hopefully this will simply be taken care of in upcoming SDK update. My issue
is that the projected meshes on one project disappear in edit mode. Some of my
3D object models don’t even load (visually - in edit mode). Suspected an LOD
issue, but they’re invisible at all distances. Only way to get them to show is
to re-import, but once you move it a bit, it is invisible again. Furthermore,
on another (older) project, everything looks good in edit mode, but only some
of the projected meshes textures are all messed up. They look to be flipped or
something along those lines. Hope I’m not alone here …

Unfortunately I couldn’t test it on latest stable release but YEAH. I never
told anybody of this issue since “I wasn’t to use it yet”, but you got the
right things. Both the Airport Hierarchy menu and the Projected Meshes issues
were present in 1.18.13 before it going to stable. So I can confirm both
issues happening on my side.

I just got the realtime model loading of blender models to work, after hours
of testing. My model asset group was type “ArtProj”. I made a new asset group
of type “ModelLib” with the defaut source location and Scenery\scenery\ as
output. I then moved all my models into the new source folder. Now it reloads
the model on export fine, and reloads the exported textures when I build.