Electrical circuit breaker - key event not working

The ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_TOGGLE key event says that the parameters are
circuit index, however the ASOBO xml code applies both a bus index and circuit
index. I am having trouble getting a circuit preaker to work that has a bus
index and circuit index via the ASOBO_ELECTRICAL_Switch_Breaker_Template. This
function is a sub function of the specific circuit breaker like Flaps
(ASOBO_ELECTRICAL_Switch_Breaker_FLAP_Template) this works as
expected.it calls
ASOBO_ELECTRICAL_Switch_Breaker_Template with a circuit_name not circuit
index. if ASOBO_ELECTRICAL_Switch_Breaker_Template uses a bus index and
circuit index the breaker will not animate or trigger the key event
ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_TOGGLE | circuit index | Toggle circuit breaker

Ok here is one I did not know about, Apparently if you have a list of circuits
in the system.cfg and decide … well I don’t need that ADF circuit I copied
from a default plane. So I will comment it out with a semi colon at the
beginning of the line… From that circuit on is no longer “seen” by the
system. So any breakers for those circuits, don’t work. I don’t know if it’s a
sequential number order or the comment in the middle of the list. My breakers
now trigger. EDIT: breaking sequential order is the issue.