Enable the possibility to reset engine Hobbs hours

Dear Asobo, We implement many types of maintenance modules to our airplanes,
and under many circumstances due to simulated engine failures, etc. a new
engine is simulated to be installed. Unfortunately we cannot instruct MSFS
that a particular engine running time needs to be put back to zero since there
are not events available for this and the current A:Var GENERAL ENG HOBBS
ELAPSED TIME is read only. Can it be possible to either change this variable
to be writable or include some mechanism to achieve the same goal? Thanks in
advance, Simbol

I’m using the same mechanism in the G36 Improvement Mod - and would love the
ability to have this feature. To get round it currently I built my own hobbs
code which records time and sets it in the datastore. I’m using the moment js
library to make handling time a little easier. The code for this is running in
a gauge and the info is displayed in a custom window. The power of this system
is that it is livery specific, I’ve found that the Asobo hobbs variable
records all hours across all the liveries installed, this differentiates
between paints. Hope this helps

      1. var title = SimVar.GetSimVarValue("TITLE", "string");
  2. var planeId = title.replace(/\s+/g, '_');
  4. //HOBBS
  5. var engStatus = SimVar.GetSimVarValue("ENG COMBUSTION:1", "bool");
  6. var preStart = GetStoredData('G36XIP_HOBBS_'+planeId);
  7. var hobbsStarter = GetStoredData('G36XIP_HOBBS_STARTER'+planeId);
  9. if (engStatus == 1 && hobbsStarter == 0) {
  10.    engStart = moment();
  11.    var hobbsStarter = 1;
  12.    SetStoredData('G36XIP_HOBBS_STARTER'+planeId, hobbsStarter.toString());
  13. }
  15. if (engStatus == 0 && hobbsStarter == 1) {
  16.    var now = moment();
  17.    var duration = now.diff(engStart, 'hours', true);
  18.    var total = Number(preStart) + Number(duration);
  19.    SetStoredData('G36XIP_HOBBS_'+planeId, total.toString());
  20.    var starter = 0;
  21.    SetStoredData('G36XIP_HOBBS_STARTER'+planeId, starter.toString());
  22. }

For my thing, I’m doing similar but tracking it entirely in my web app that
I’m building. The Hobbs meter in the airplanes has no merit whatsoever. In
addition to what @Simbol requested, it would be
great if the Hobbs numbers could be tied to a given tail number.