Engine behavior in package not stable and differs from engine behavior in development mode

Four days ago I published my first aircraft, a DC3, on the
flightsim.to platform. I have about 800 downloads now
and I think it is a success. But there are about 10 to 15 posts indicating
that the engine dies when starting on a runway with engines running. And when
I downloaded the package myself and installed in in an otherwise empty
community folder I had the same problem! First I increased the idle rpm a
little bit, and published a new release. But that did not help. By the way the
setting in the assistence options / failure and damage are all disabled, which
includes the engine stress damage. Because some people have problems and
others don’t, my next assumption was that the problem is caused by differences
in the way each of us has set up MSFS. One area of possible differences are
the settings in the options menu and assistance menu and another area are the
differences in the HID’s (Human Interface Devices) we use and possibly the
preset manager. I tested all kinds of MSFS settings, but I could not find a
possible source for the problem. And as the next step I disconnected my
throttle quadrant and yoke, removed all presets via de preset manager, and
only the default keyboard and the default mouse remained. No luck either, the
problem remained. Yesterday evening I noticed that the package still contained
some old config files used during development. So I completely cleaned the
package source and build the package. I closed the development mode, closed
MSFS, put the new package in the community folder, restarted MSFS and started
a flight. No Luck. And than I got the idea to go into development mode again,
load the project and start a flight. The DC3 did exactly what I had programmed
it to do!! An extra complication is that the packages, I tried many varients
during the last days, sometimes all of a sudden start up in the right way when
you start a flight.

Hello @roggeberg23 , The problem seems to be in the file engine.cfg in the
[PISTON_ENGINE] section. I switched this section to another one from
another aircraft and everything works fine. So I think some values have to be
changed (could be CHT and cooling) Regards, Boris

Thank you Boris for your input. It is nice to know people are thinking about
this problem with me and support me! In the mean time I have made a complete
list of all parameters of the [PISTON_ENGINE] section as per SDK and added the
DC3 settings. The coming days I intend to add a few asosbo aircrafts with
piston engines to the list to be able to compare values parameter by
parameter. The main reason I posted this item is the fact that there is a
difference between the rwy startup in development mode (everything fine) and
the the rwy startup with the pakckage in the community folder (runs OK in 1 to
8 tries (estimared), and 7 to 8 tries the engine is not OK) So I continue to
look for a mistake I made myself, but I keep in mind that something else might
be the cause. Regards, Roggeberg23