Engine Displacement in Cubic Feet?!

We are on SDK 15.0. The Aircraft Editor still displays Cylinder Displacement
in cubic feet! (though it tells you to enter cubic inches) If you were to
enter cubic inches in the Aircraft Editor, Save and Resync, I dare say your
piston engine will have a little too much power! I don’t know of anyone using
save and resync as it destroys your cfg formatting (this too should be
changed) but please make this small change so that the AE displays your
correct engine cylinder displacement. Thanks, Don

Here is a screenshot to illustrate:

on the left you can see the raw
engines.cfg and the correct cylinder_displacement of 101.2667 on the right we
see the Aircraft Editor and the erroneously tooltipped value of 0.058603 and
thanks to the power of Google we can see that:
AE is showing Cubic FEET not
Cubic INCHES. This has been in since launch and we would appreciate a fix.

Hello. It’s being fixed and will probably be in SU7 Regards, Sylvain