Engine_friction_table - [Piston Engine] and [TurbineEngineData]]

Question 1. Why does the search function only find one of the two
engine_friction_table in the SDK documentation. Question 2. Since the one in
the TurbineEngineData is no longer used is it possible to have in strike out
font? Is it possible to have all referenced parameters that are no longer used
with strike out font. in my example I added a css p-strk class that was the
same as the regular p class but added the text-decoration: line-through; like
so .RH-LAYOUT-CENTERPANEL-topic-box p.p-strk, .RH-LAYOUT-FOOTER-container
p.p-strk { margin-top: 4.0pt; margin-bottom: 4.0pt; text-align: justify;
text-justify: inter-word; text-decoration: line-through; } and same to
code.inline as code.inline-strk Question 3. When one scrolls past the title of
the section the right side column, highlites the next section not the one you
are in currently. Can that be fixed? Hey i;'m old - I need something to kick
me in the face or I don’t notice it. Thanks

Hello! So, let me reply to your comments: 1) The search function only looks
for the phrase once on the page, and when it find it, that’s it… so it’ll
find the first reference and then flag the page as containing it without
looking for further references on the page. This is done to prevent search
bloat, as you could end up with hundreds of results to filter through if a
particular term appears multiple times on multiple pages… 2) While I dislike
the strikethrough approach, we will definitely look into making these
deprecated/obsolete parameters much more obvious. Probably by making the text
itself darker or making the table background a different colour. We’ll test
some stuff and get it fixed though. 3) I’m afraid this seems to be a bug in
the HAT software that we use, but we’ll look into making it function a little
better and highlight the section currently being explored rather than the one
after it. Thanks for the help in improving the documentation!