Engine sound varying with thrust

We noticed that the propeller sounds vary based on the thrust. Using the
Kodiak and legacy tables, when the propeller gets into negative efficiency
there’s a pause in propeller sounds and you only hear the wind. We also
noticed that if you’re on the ground, at idle and at a steady taxi speed, the
sound will cut when the propeller thrust is negative and will play when
positive. A customer posted this video to showcase the problem:

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas Have you changed anything in the way the propeller
sound is configured in Wwise? That’s probably something you want to have a
look at as I’m not sure the default RTPC configuration can support that case.
Also, if we can have a look at your sound.xml file, that would help Regards,

XML and CFG are fine. You have a WwiseRTPC based on the PROP THRUST simvar and
this simvar transitions from a positive to a negative value. Can you show us
how that RTPC is configured in Wwise?

I have exctly the same problem in kodiak 100. When you decrease power the
engine seem to go in idle and the aircraft lose speed very quikly. So it is
impossible to reduce power in a linear way.