EOL format -- Unix(LF) or Windows (CR LF)

This was highlighted when looking at layout.json files

Some Devs (MS, ASOBO, WT, Others) seem to be using different Text File EOL formats.


  • Asobo & MS = Windows CR LF
  • WT and many other P3D (using Github ?) = Unix LF

MSFS (a Windows program) seem to be happy with both EOL formats, but is there a preferred EOL format.for MSFS ?

Most of the Asobo & MS files seem to be using windows (CR/LF), while other Dev, especially ones using GitHub, are using GitHubs default of converting all relevant files with CR/LF to LF when GitHub produces an Output Code Version in zip format.

There appears to be an Option in GitHib to select EOL format, but the default is to automatically convert files to Linux (LF). (For wider compatibility ? )

An issue is then raised in when Layout.json gets generated, with the original CR/LF files, or with then GitHub converted to only LF files

File size mismatches do not seem to affect MSFS, apart from generating Console Log Errors - but it does seem to be a rather uncertain situation.

As MSFS does not seem to care what EOL system is used, does it make any difference, say, to how MSFS process JS file – the Linux (LF) ones being marginally smaller than a Windows CR/LF version ?

So, is there any “Recommended” EOL format (Linux or Windows) ?

Hello @N6722C

MSFS supports both.
However, once the layout.json is generated you want to configure Github so it doesn’t modify your files.
So our recommendation is: whatever you choose, stick to it.


Thanks Sylvain… = (either format is OK for MSFS)

From what I have read, Github change the format, to a selectable option (Unix or WIndows) when it generates a project output zip file, but I do not see an option to tell Github to just NOT change the EOL type ?

So if any other Devs here, using Github, have any suggestions, I would welcome them. The GitHub documentation is HEAVY reading !!!

Are you sure you’re not actually comitting LF locally, through git’s autocrlf option? I don’t think GitHub itself does anything to line endings. Configuring Git to handle line endings - GitHub Docs