Error: Airport should be in the same zone

I have a small custom airport I created, and I somehow put the airport object
about 500m on the wrong side of the runway. Now in the editor when I try to
move the airport object closer, it shows the error: The airport should be in
the same zone as the airport declared previously Interestingly, I can move it
further away, even several kilometres, with no error. My question is, what
airport declared previously? How am I able to correct the position of the
airport object?

Interesting behaviour, a workaround could be manual editing the coordinates in
the placement.xml

Thanks! the error is still displayed in the editor, but fspackagetool compiles
it without error! Still be nice to know why it gets the error and how to get
rid of it though…

Hello @RoscoHead, Have you checked that the airport element in the scenery
editor is large enough to cover the area where the object is located? Can you
provide me with the xml of your scenery ? [See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Thank you Regards, Boris