Exclude street lights ready?

Per the dev update on [09/30](https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/blog-
september-30th-2021-development-update/458590), you guys had the feature to
exclude road lights ready, has this been implemented yet? I may have missed it
in the release notes. If not out yet, do you have an ETA? Thank you!

Some update on wind turbines/power lines exclusions would be nice too.

+1! This is not just street lights, but just the floating lights (including
red orbs) in general. I am holding a project until this “fix”/ability is

I believe the priority of this should be put higher as some Orb Lights
levitate over runways and taxiways.

Yes, a very important one. The missing wind turbine exclusion is holding me
off from a project as well.

Hopefully this is being treated in the SU7 planned for tomorrow, 18NOV.

Hello Yes, this feature is added with the SU7 update: [Game of the Year
Edition - Release Notes ( Sim Update VII Now Available! - Community
/ News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator
notes-1-21-13-0-sim-update-vii-now-available/472025) Regards, Asobo / Sylvain


Thank you!!!