Exclusion and Content.xml

Talking about exclusionerectangles, I think that something more about scenery
loading /priority should be documented infact as per sdk docs notes:
IMPORTANT! This object will not exclude anything from the current
package being edited. It is only valid for removing things from a
previously loaded package, and is dependent on the package load order. So,
packages loaded after the package with the exclusion rectangle will be
rendered as normal, and packages loaded before the package with the exclusion
rectangle will have elements excluded. you are talking about loading order,
but we don’t know the rules of the order. I can assume that loading order is
based on Content.xml, but then we have a issue with this: according to my
findings, you are building the file making sure that - fs-base related
scenery is loaded firs - than you load up “Official” packages, order
alphabetically - than its Community folder turn This makes sense, BUT,
everytime a new package is added (either in the community or the Official),
that package is added at the end of the Content.xml So, if I have a scenery
with a nice exlude rectangle to make sure a further Microsoft/Asobo/Gaya POI
want be above mine, and then a World Update comes with their shiny POIs, we
now have 2 POI over each other (or LibraryObject or whatever) Maybe, in the
next world update you would consider rebuilding the content.xml ? Could be a
nice solution. Also, if the content.xml is so important, you can maybe provide
a tools in the sim (basic tool, no developer one) where one could decide the
priority of his installaed packages (like old school fs9 one) Last but not
least, it could be fine if you can make excluderectangle do their work in the
scenery editor, at the moment the only way to see them in action is by
compiling them e putting in Community (but that can be a problem on my
side…)…or, according to the above finding, could be really difficult to do
:smiley: Thanks so much for all the work your are doing!

Hello You should post these suggestions as ideas so people can upvote it. :slight_smile:
Regards, Sylvain