Exclusion of downloaded data

Is there any way to exclude the DATA that is downloaded? such as elevation for
example? I know we can use terraforms to flatten but having issues. I am
working on a airport with many slopes, sloped runways, terra-form with
profile. The elevation looks great offline, but with data on, having a lot of
issues displaying the terrain correctly. Is there anyway to actually remove
the streamed data on certain sections with excludes?

@Richie81, original poster on MSFS forums.

There is no official support for DEM modification in the SDK at the moment. In
your situation, I think we should figure out why your terraforming geometry
isn’t giving the expected results. Can you provide more details about the
issues you have with your scenery when the data download is enabled ? A sample
reproducing your problem would be very useful. Regards, Sylvain

Hello Sylvain, basically this image shows exactly the problem:
https://i.ibb.co/8d8qRTN/terra1.jpg If one wants to make the terrain not
have a falloff distance, its impossible. With data online off the issue
doesn’t happen.

I just tried it with data enabled and don’t have any issues. Can you give me
the coordinates where you are testing this as well as a screenshot or a basic
scenery project showing the problem? Thanks