Exclusion Rectangle || excludeAirports?

What exactly is this excluding? Everything connected to this Airport?

Hello @rhumbaflappy , The excludeAirports option removes all airports
contained in the exclusion rectangle for packages loaded before yours. The
airport will also be removed from the world map. You can therefore decide to
use it to create a new airport with a new ICAO or simply delete this airport
totally. Note: if you check " e xcludeAllObjects ", "
excludeAirports " option will be ignored. The documentation will be
updated. Regards, Boris

@Nocturne :slight_smile:

Sounds like this option could be used to fix incorrectly named airports too!
Exclude original airport, build new correctly named airport on top. [Edit -
nope it didn’t work] Of course it might be simpler if the Airport Name we set
in an airport package just updated the original airport name.