Exiting devmode

Prior to SU7 I would exit a project in devmode by closing the developer camera
and ESC to return to Main Menu. Now it seems the only way to exit is CTRL-ALT-
DEL and then reload Sim. Am I missing something as nobody else seems to have
raised this issue.

What kind of project are you referring to (i.e. scenery, aircraft, fx)? Can
you describe what has changed exactly for you with SU7? Once loaded a project
is always “active” in the sim unless you use the Close command from the
Project menu in the Project Editor - as far as I can tell it has always worked
this way but maybe I am missing something? Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thank you Eric that has answered my question. I have not previously looked at
the project editor options after loading a project. Previously after an
airport/scenery build closing the developer camera would take me back to the
sim and ‘esc’ would go to Main Menu. The close command in project editor is
what I was looking for.