Exterior and interior model shown in the virtual cockpit even if "withInterior_showExterior=false"

Good day In all of our planes, the exterior and interior models are “separate”
meaning that the should not be displayed together. This worked fine until Sim
Update 6. Starting from that version, in some rare occurrences, the exterior
model shows in the cockpit even if “withInterior_showExterior=false” is
properly configured. This happens always when shutting down the aircraft, or
reloading it in the SDK - and it is fixed by switching back and forth from the
external views… however a couple of users are reporting that it also happens
during flight (which we cannot replicate). Is there anything I am missing in
SU6? Or is that a bug in the sim?

Hello. I think it’s a bug but I haven’t witnessed it yet. If you have a
package and a procedure to produce the bug 100% of the time, I’m interested :slight_smile:
Regards, Sylvain

Sorry for the very late reply… for some reason I had not received
notification of this reply. Bug is still present. Can be replicated 100% with
our (indiafoxtecho) T-45C and F-35 package - just switching off the aircraft
will cause it. Some users are reporting this happens also in flight. Bug was
not there in the initial MSFS releases and seems to have appeared on SU6 -
still there on SU8.

Hello @Indiafoxtecho I only have access to
the encrypted version of your package. I am able to reproduce the problem but
even when commenting out the exterior xml, only the T45C_VC_LOD00.gltf file is
loaded and the external part of the model is still visible. I would suspect
it’s a problem that occurred when exporting your gltf models and the VC
actually contains the exterior model, at least in the version you sent for
ingestion. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain The presence of the external model in the internal model export is
intentional and that is exactly the point. The reason for doing this is that,
historically, FSX / P3D did not allow the external and intenal model to be
separated - they were indepentent files and were shown “exclusively” (when one
was shown the other was hidden and vice versa). The T-45 and other aircrafts
of ours are done in this way - this has the advantage that the exterior and
interior models may not match - allowing more freedom to the cockpit modeler
(and possibly a complete separate development). The cockpit model of the T-45
(and our MB-339, F-35 and Long-EZ) have part of the external model included
(for the player to see it) and were meant to have the
“withInterior_showExterior=false” - which we think was included for this
scope. This worked perfectly with the initial builds of MSFS, and bug started
showing (if I recall correctly) with SU6. Note that switching to the external
view and then back to the internal view fixes the problem (temporarily). It is
a small annoyance for most of the player (it will only show after shutting
down the aircraft) but we have customers reporting that this also may happen
in mid-flight or during landing.

Hi Sylvain. I am sorry but maybe my explaination was not clear. The way the
model is built, that is with the part of the external model duplicated in the
cockpit model is intentional. The GLTF files are fine. The design intent is to
do it in the same way models were done in FSX/P3D and other simulators, that
is completely independent external and internal models. If the external is
shown the internal should be hidden and vice versa. This was done with:
withInterior_showExterior=false withExterior_showInterior=false And worked
perfectly fine until SU6. Then, with SU6 and afterwards, there are instances
in which the settings above are not respected and the models are both shown on
the same time. This happens with 100% reproducibility when shutting down the
aircraft. It also happens sometimes after REBUILDing the package. Users are
reporting thing happening during flight and landing. Switching to external
views and then back to the internal views fixes the problem (temporarily).

@Indiafoxtecho From what I can find in FSX doc, this comes from FS9 and was
already marked as “legacy” and “inefficient”. And you didn’t move from mdl
file format to gltf? I’ll check with the dev in charge and see if that’s a
legacy compatibility mode we broke.

Also @Indiafoxtecho, just to be sure, what part of the external model did you
include in your interior model? All of it? Just the wings?

Hello Sylvain - sorry for the late reply, but apparently I did not hit the
“send” button. My apologies if I have not been clear on this point, but having
parts of the external model in the cockpit model, if you use
withExterior_showInterior=false withInterior_showExterior=false is indeed the
intedended design, as you want some parts of the models to show in the
cockpit. GLTFs are fine and the parts of the exterior surrfaces they contain
are intentional. The problem here is that, while most of the time, the
settings above in the model.cfg ( withExterior_showInterior=false and
withInterior_showExterior=false ) are respected, in some cases they are not -
and specifically withInterior_showExterior is not respected and the sim
behaves like it was true. So you see the interior and exterior models
overlapped. This happens consistently: - when you shut down the aircraft -
when you rebuild it The problem goes away (temporarily) if you switch to any
external view and then go back in the cockpit. If it was so, it would be a
minor annoyance, but few users are reporting this happening also in flight and
during landing. Again, this DID NOT happen until SU6. The bug is there is SU7
and SU8. Should you need access to an unencrypted version, please let me know
and I will provide it.

Download link added as comment to the initial reply

Just for the record, I have just received this video from one of the (very
few) users that have this problem in an even stranger way - that is the
external model appears in the cockpit view randomly during the sim even if
withInterior_showExterior=false. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZHVBHWXtFE
Note that in the T-45 the pilot is part of the external model. This particular
user states that he has disabled all mods and this happens every 2-3 minutes
(moving to external views and back to internal view makes the problem go away
temporarily). As I said before, all these problems started with SU6.

Hello @Indiafoxtecho We were able to
reproduce the problem, at least when shutting down the aircraft. We’re
investigating and will come back to you when we have identified the problem.
Regards, Sylvain

@Indiafoxtecho The problem was identified and
fixed on our side. The fix will be available with SU10. Thank you for
reporting this issue. Edit: this fix candidate was conflicting with some
other visibility rules and had to be rolled back. We are working on a more
robust fix as we speak.
Regards, Sylvain

Awesome. Just for your consideration, and hoping it is the same bug, here is a
video of an user who has the problem appearing in mid-flight (apparently this
happens during hard turns) - see minute 5:05

We weren’t able to reproduce the bug mid flight. But we are confident the fix
will cover all occurrences. We’ll have the confirmation when SU10 flighting

@FlyingRaccoon We encountered the same bug and
found out that it occurs in 100% when the similar aircrafts are loading in
multiplayer. In multiplayer, when the same aircraft enters the camera’s field
of view and its external model is loaded, the external model of the player’s
aircraft is also loaded (which can be observed from the cockpit) Similarly,
when loading the aircraft in the hangar and after the end of the flight. But
most of the aircrafts has no such issue. Can you suggest any ideas how to fix
it? Or we can wait general fix in SU10? Thank you in advance

Hello @GKS_Dev That’s probably the mid flight
occurrence we were not able to reproduce until now. But now I can confirm
that’s a different bug and our fix is not covering it. The external model
being rendered for another player overrides the node visibility for the
ownship. We will work on a fix for this case too. Thank you for the details
you provided :slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon The problem with the appearance
of an external model in the cockpit in many cases remained on the SU10. The
cases: 1 At initial plane loading in hangar 2 After engine shoutdown in the
sim 3 In case of similar aircraft apears in the players view Just wondering if
any work has been done to fix these issues? It may be the mentioned issues are
not related to changes and bug fixes which was done?

Hello @GKS_Dev A fix was pushed on SU10 but it
seems to not cover all occurrences. We’ve just identified another cause for it
but I’m not sure it covers everything as well so I need to run additional
tests. Do you encounter the issue with your Mig21 package? Regards, Sylvain

Yes, it is present in Mig21 package. I guess it is present in all models where
internal and external models are used separatelly. (Internal model conteins
own external part and same for exterior) So the model config should be:
withExterior_showInterior=false withInterior_showExterior=false And these
options don’t work properly Repro rate 100% I can provide the video if need.