Exterior model/cameras with clickable mouserects

For a future idea make the exterior model have clickable mouserects so we can
have pre flight checklist walk around with clickable actions. Which also means
the exterior cameras would have the same clickable actions. Right now i can
create a checklist with actions but only using interior cameras. So we also
need exterior cameras for the checklist. But the other purpose of the exterior
model having clickable actions is that we can use external cameras and anytime
and perform actions. But please make sure that you CAN’T click these action
between EXT/INT models as this would not be a good thing. Please upvote!!! 1.
Make the exterior model allow mouserects. 2. Include new exterior cameras.
Make a new category under aircraft as ‘actions’. 3. Allow the checklist to
use the new exterior cameras. 4. Do not let the exterior or the interior
model mouserects work at the same time.

I would love to see this too! So much could be done if we were able to
interact with the exterior.

I’d welcome this, there’s so much interactivity that could be added. Although
it’s possible to manipulate the interior camera views to achieve something
similar, it’s certainly less then ideal, and requires you to dynamically hide
external mouse rects so that they aren’t inadvertently clicked on by the pilot
when ‘inside’ the aircraft.

Yep we did this and found now that we have several touchscreens that have the
bug where you can click through the LCD we had to remove the exterior
mouserects using the interior cameras.