External control of gear position affected by msfs

Hi everyone, We develop a physical based gear system for the FBW a32nx, and
are encountering an issue with the gear position that we manually set from
WASM module. If we set a full down position “1.0” for all gears, and have the
GEAR HANDLE POSITION set to 1, everything is fine. But if we set all gears
down by writing “1.0” and have the GEAR HANDLE POSITION set to “0” or UP
(might be the case after gravity gear extension), then MSFS is fighting the
gear position and forcing values of 0.99 between our writes from WASM.
https://streamable.com/gs1tex This disables correct ground collision
detection and go haywire on ground sadly. In flight_model.cfg, setting
“gear_system_type” property to either manual or none won’t change this
behaviour. Any ideas about this? Can we have MSFS leaving the gear position to
external module without writing its own values anyway? Thanks!

Hello @Crocket This is happening because you probably use a Asobo template to
control the landing gear handle. There is no way to disconnect the GEAR HANDLE
POSITION simvar from the actual gear position. What you can do instead is use
your own Component to control the handle, indicators, etc… using your own
var, and keep the simvar only to control the gear position. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the answer! Well I guess it’s possible to move the gear by writing
its positions because that’s what we’ve been doing :smiley: But yeah the fact that
the handle var interacts with it has its side effects… So now what we’ll be
trying is writing the gear position and sending back a GEAR HANDLE POSITION
based on our true gear position (something like if downlocked → GEAR HANDLE
POSITON => 1), meanwhile as you suggested we move the handle with custom vars.
Sadly in that kind of process we always lose legacy support of people that
were using the original simvar. It has been the case for other things where
the demand cannot be disconnected from its effect (parking brake / wheel
steering / flaps …). Do you have plans to change the way various kind of
demands affect things in the future? I’ll post a separate thread about the
steering because we have also issues solved by ugly hacks and this would
probably help lot of other developers :slight_smile: Thanks!