Failed to find - Package Builder 'effects.CFG' error! Building a livery

glTFLister_G | Failed to find assetgroup for path: ‘. . .\PackageSources\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_TBM930\effects\effects.CFG’
PackageBuilder | Failed to spawn lister for asset group Asobo-Livery-TBM930-Slice1 (type SimObject) (package: planemental-livery-tbm930-slice1)

Trying to create a livery for Asobo TBM930. Started building with just the ‘Texture’ folder and the ‘aircraft.cfg’ file. With each succesive build simObjects ‘Model’ and ‘Panel’ file\folders were requested. Now build is stuck on this ‘effects’ folder, ‘.cfg’ file error of folder and file that exist in the simOject folder.

Any ideas on how to remove this error? SDK v.