Faster dev process on Xbox?

Hi, all. I’m curious to hear from others how you manage the Xbox development cycle turnaround.

It is entirely possible that I have completely missed a substantially-sized boat here, but… is there no way to rapidly iterate on Xbox builds? I’m imagining a desired workflow where I can build an Xbox package, test it using Xbox controls and hardware, and iterate rapidly on fixes locally.

I am only aware of two workflow paths available to us when it comes to Xbox:

  1. The usual MCP submission path where it goes through Microsoft testing and must be signed off by us for release (after suitable local testing). This takes a week or so.

  2. The slightly accelerated path where we tag a marketplace build as ‘beta only’, which skips a few checks. The latency on this is a few days.

Is there nothing more fine-grained than this? Developer productivity is pretty limited when facing even path number two above. Ideally I’d like to be able to measure Xbox build latency in minutes or seconds, not hours or days.

(Also, unless I’m mistaken, we can’t have a beta build in progress in the MCP while a release build is working its way through QC…)

I look forward to hearing others’ thoughts, especially if I’m simply unaware of tools or paths at our disposal.

Chris P.


I’d also upvote for anything that can help us developers testing anything for Xbox, without having to deal with the delays of processing through the Marketplace, like if it were a bridge for the testing thing even if the product is still in primitive development shape. And, like you said Chris (@Painless8118 ), testing the latency, frames, etc. on that platform.

I also tried getting into some Xbox DevMode access once back in 2021, and I thought it also had access to the Xbox filesystem, but I found that it’s not that straightforward as I thought it could be :frowning:, not to mention that I also installed like two or three Explorer-like apps on my console, and nope. No full access on those either.

The filesystem situation is because, at least with that, we (the developers) would have the chance to copy the package generated from our development PCs and test from there.

Carlos Gonzalez
NextGen Simulations


How you do this? I am interested on this… was not aware we could do that…

Apart from anything else in our post, yea… is slow… I normally end up releasing first on PC to accelerate everything and then do the XBOX release when the product is pretty much rock solid and clean, which minimizes the need for constant updates submitted, and instead do few during the year for normal improvements, etc.


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and you haven’t mentioned “wasm monday” :smile:

I believe all of the troubles because of Xbox security, which we can’t affect anyhow

The process came to us by word of mouth; we had to inquire with Microsoft to gain clarity on it.

The distilled version: in your submission change log, clearly note that the submission is a beta/preview submission and not for release. The submission will skip initial validation and Microsoft will make the submission available on a when-able effort.

Chris P.