Favourite Airport in World map - not updating anymore

Is it a know issue that the Favorite Airports in the World Map Page, may not
be updating anymore. ? Is there a user fix for this, and is there a way to
clear out the existing 3 ? As an extension to this, is there a way to
completely RESET/CLEAR the data stored back on the MS servers, so that you are
effectively back to as if you had just installed MSFS for the 1st time. ie. No
Favorite Airports. Empty LogBook. Controller profiles back to default etc

Since this such obvious bug is not being comments on at all, I assume it is
fixed in SU6, and is now therefore a “Non-Issue”

Hello @N6722C This is a known issue and we have a dev on this. No ETA for bug
fix though. Regards, Sylvain