First Scenery Made / Performance tip

Greetings guys! Not too sure how to properly and shortly formulate this, so
will do my best. :slight_smile: So fairly new to the SDK thing, i last week decided to try
out my first attempt at creating my Airport/Helipads, what was supposed to be
basic, just adding an Helipad over a default Photogrammetery one close to my
place, ended up on creating the area, so end up with quite some obects,
recreated the cars parking lot, all the lines, then the sidewalk, the fenses,
extended on creating grass over the adjacent land lot whihc is not a huge
consutruction side anymore and extended to the land lot after as well,
recreating as well the parking lot there, so quite a few Apron made everwhere
for teh texture, basicaly two on each parking lot, one for the cracked asphalt
and one over using some default FS texture that creates oils stain etc… then
over, all parking lines made from Paint lines, quite some streetlights,
helipads obstacle lights, lots of bushes… Then quite some polygons to
remove the photogrametery of considered building tree blobs, most vegetation,
street lights etc… only the main building generated remained. Added some
objects, and wanted to add cars as well. So while i am in Dev mode all is fine
all is good, but when i get in the Sim to test (flying in VR here). Well
objects starts to load only when close, especially the cars. So i started to
do some version, removing some bushes, had quite a lot of them, removed some
objects etc… So long story short. What would be the best pratice to check
out a scene when cresated for performasnce, are the object loading only when
close a scenery issue i made wrong, is it a setting onmy side in general
options that limits me from seeing stuff from far, did i went too crazy on the
amount of object, or is there specific types of objects we need to try to
avoid? Or is it just a normal behaviour and i am just over thinking it :slight_smile: What
are good practice when creating scenes?

This sim (On PC) can handle quite a bit and from what you describe, there
shouldn’t be too much of an impact. The fact that the objects are being culled
close in is likely because you are in VR and your Object level of detail or
some other setting got bumped down. I believe the sim instances objects that
are placed multiple times (at least my understanding from the SDK docs), so it
already does things in a pretty performance friendly way. Using the default
libraries, there isn’t a ton you can do for performance that would really
matter. You’re locked into how well the default/3rd party assets are
optimized. Though still, obviously the less individual placements, the better.
For polygons and aprons, you can remove points that are unnecessary and try to
use the least amount of individual placements as possible, but these are so
negligible, they really aren’t worth the time to go back and correct.

You’ll get some guessing as to what may be the problem. But if you truly want
to debug this, you’ll need to zip up the project, store it in the cloud, and
give a link to it’s cloud location so other developers willing to spend time
on it can actually experiment with the scenery.

Thanks for the reply, pretty helpful and some mentionned is what i thought.
Indeed i did not tried a flight in non VR, i only use the developper camera
with in edit mod or in normal mode the show case camera, but never tried as
flying in cockpit (my default Object LOD is 65, when iw as in doubpt i even
cranked it up to 150 and it was still doin git, reason why i came here trying
to get more clues). I did a flight and and payed more attention to the map,
other obects or even some photogrammetery does this as well, which before, i
was not focusing on simple object to notice it hapening, i even tried with
other peoples mod and also does it, for some reason i thought i was
responsable for this chaos, so basicaly not my scene, but more likely my
hardware at worst or, the objects… So my understanding is, every object have
their own LOD/properties and such defined when the model is created, and when
we place it, we got to deal with how it was done? Aprons and plygons does not
seems to be any issues indeed, all the amount of parking painted lines etc are
always loaded, in fact, they are the object that are 100% already loaded when
i fly over my scene… Performance wise, it does not have any other impact on
my FPS that flying over any major city, so i did not went too crazy i guess.
:slight_smile: At least i discovered the VectorPlacement for fenses. :slight_smile: