Fix airways data bug

The airways data in the sim is buggy at several places. I have implemented the
airways in our GTN750 GPS and we can see some trouble with airway waypoints
(reported by many users). I give here an example but there are many of them.
This is an issue at the sim’s level. I think there is some kind of blend with
waypoints from different airways with the same name in the world. The example
is the following: Waypoint TETAN in south Africa and airway UZ2. The correct
airway waypoints are TETAN, AXOPA, EGTIL, UNRAG, APRAX, TEVA, NIBEX. But the
sim gives us PORPI, ISKAB, SLI, TETAN, AXOPA, EGTIL, UNRAG. The bad waypoints
PORPI, ISKAB and SLI are taken from the UZ2 (same name) airway in Brazil.
Correct waypoints as displayed in LNM.

Bad waypoints as given by the
sim: Hope this example will
help to fix the issue soon. Regards Pierre PMS50

Hello Pierre. Thanks for reporting this. Our devs have reproduced the issue
and a fix will be available in the next few updates. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks Very happy to hear that and to see that we have feedback. Kind regards

I noticed another bug, I can’t tell if it is the same or not. If you take the
HELDE waypoint (in the USA), MSFS will tell it is on airways J6 and V12,
perfect. If you list all the waypoints of the J6 airway, they are: SNS GOALI
DWINE KLUBB KOMMA LIT (22 waypoints). But it appears it is not complete
because J6 has 42 waypoints. The strange thing is that if you query the
airways for SNS or PERKS, which are also on J6, you get the full list of the
J6 airway waypoints, none is missing. In other words, the J6 waypoint list is
not the same depending on the waypoint from which you request it.

Please let me know if this is taken into account as a bug or if I should
create a new post for this

Hello @ericmarciano Ideally, yes you want to create a dedicated question for
that as the previous question has already been answered. Regards, Sylvain