Flap extension bug default template

Using the default template for flap animation. The flap in complete retracted
position, then you try to bring it down to the 1st flap setting, and the
animation doesn’t happen. You bring it down to the 2nd setting it goes from
fully retracted to the second, and so on. If you retract from the 2nd position
to the 1st it does show the animation correctly to the first. The issue is
when you want to bring it from 0 to the 1st. We done everything according to
this to no avail
Is this a known issue?

Bump, please let me know if there is a solution.

Hello @Richie81 "The issue is when you want to
bring it from 0 to the 1st
" 0 is the neutral position. As stated in the
page you linked, your animation should take place between frame 1 and 3 if you
have 3 positions. Is this what you have? Regards, Sylvain

Yes, 0 is the neutral. frame 1, flaps up, frame 3 full flaps extension. We had
it 4 frames before your response and just changed to to 3 frame animation.
Like I mentioned, if I put flaps to the second position on the aircraft it
goes down to it, and later to the last flap setting. Going up is OK putting it
to the first position. The problem is going down. This is also seen on the
payware aircraft the bredok 737 max. I have it and tested it there, and if you
are on flaps retracted and bring it down to the first position it doesn’t do
the animation neither. So I was guessing if this is a problem with the default
flap template.

“Yes, 0 is the neutral. frame 1, flaps up, frame 3 full flaps extension.” Ok,
this is what we need. Can you confirm the TRAILING EDGE FLAPS LEFT/RIGHT
PERCENT simvars are changing as expected when lowering to the first level of

I got the exact same issue with the slats with those simvars.

Actually I want to correct. The slats work correctly as they should after
further tests. The flaps are the only ones with issues.

Hello any ideas on resolving this?

Any news on this please?

Hello @Richie81 Can you provide me with your
package? It’ll be easier for me to identify the issue. Regards, Sylvain

Hi, sure how can I send you via private message the package?

Check section 3 here: [http://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/how-to-report-a-bug-or-

Thank you we just submitted.

@Richie81 You have defined an inhibit condition
for the position 1 of your flaps: flaps-position-inhibit.1 = air,increasing
So your flaps not extending from pos 0 to pos 1 is the expected behavior.
Remove that line and you’ll be fine. Regards, Sylvain

Got it, that was it, thanks so much!

Happy to help :slight_smile: