Flaps refuse to operate for unknown reason

I’m attempting to set up the flaps for an aircraft, but they refuse to operate despite the lever position changing in the UI. I’ve got the flap motor index set to 1, and I’ve attempted to manually enable the circuit through the .FLT files but the circuit disables almost immediately after starting the flight.

Are there any model behaviours required to operate the flaps, or is there something else I need to change?

If you enable edition in the electrical debug window can you turn the circuit on manually? Might help to at least narrow it down a bit.

Nope, it automatically switches back off immediately after pressing the off button

Hello @meqolo ,
If you are still struggling with this, feel free to send us your project (see Section 3 here), and we will take a look.


Hey Boris, thanks for the offer, I managed to sort it in the end; turns out that the sim defaults the altitude-limit value to 0 rather than -1 as stated in the docs, I’ve filed a bug report for that.

This is happening with me also, on two different planes. I wonder if its a update bug?

Oddly, on a bootup on the runway, the flaps will be down one notch for take-off, and I can raise them if I need, but I cannot (cannot) lower them. Only raise them. And they have sound effects. Totally working in up position, but not down position.

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Hello @lyonhaart001_xblms
If you continue to encounter this behavior, please feel free to create a new bug report