Flashing ground rendering issues

Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it. For me it comes and goes
and sometimes gets so bad I have to just stop for a while until it subsides
for a while after a few restarts. Just random ground textures flashing and
showing in the wrong place whenever moving the camera

Hello. Can you give us your system specs please? Regards, Sylvain

I have an Intel I9-9900k AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card 32GB Ram 500GB M.2 Nvme
Drive Let me know if you have any other questions

This is not airport specific and has been there since i installed the sim a
year ago. I have also confirmed this happens when my community folder is
empty. also tried changing graphics settings low/high

Thanks for the feedback. That matches similar reports we had from other
people, all using Vega architecture GPUs. We are preparing a machine to test
this and will let you know when we have a fix. Regards, Sylvain

Any updates if you were able to reproduce this issue and planning a fix for a
future update? This still happens in the latest update.

Hello. We have a graphics programmer investigating the issue. Not the easiest
bug to diagnose and fix. I’ll let you know when we make progress. Regards,