Flight Files; Interior Lights Potentiometer Settings Idea

Hello Team Asobo and Flying Raccoon! I have an idea. On planes ‘Flight files’
(such as runway.flt, approach.flt, etc) … What if… you could set interior
lights (that have Potentiometers/dimmers) to have a percentage setting instead
of true/false? For instance, set it to .50, or .25, instead of True. Then the
cabin light, for instance would be dimmed to 50% instead of a crazy full
bright. The glareshield could be set to 25 percent instead of full brightness
for a night time approach in an airliner, etc. Perhaps set it up (if you did
this) so it could go True/False ‘also’. A secondary way to write them, so its
flexible. True, False, and .XX It could also be just one decimal, such as .1
for 10 percent, .7 for 70 percent. A humble idea for a cool feature for an AH
MAY ZEEN simulator… Bill Ortis Lionheart Creations

I assume that how its intended
to work already?