FlightSimLight Omni / FreeLight

I was checking the Xbox samples and I see that in the Bridge sample a lot of
“sphere” shape lights are created. They look like as Photometric Free Light
and most probably behaves like a standard omni light. Their name are also
FlightSimLight which gives me the hunch that is an MSFS light. The SDK does
not mention how to create them. If I place the Light - ASOBO - Flightsimlight
than it always places a directional light. How can you create such a light? It
is missing from the SDK documentation.

Hello, This is indeed a light you can edit, and it’s missing from the
documentation, so @Nocturne is on it! The updated doc will be available soon.
Thanks for your report!

The light description stated in SDK docs since ever first

Thanks! Indeed, adjusting the cone angle to 360 the sphere will appear :smiley:

As shown by @devmode_player this is actually (briefly) explained in the
documentation, but it’s NOT exactly obvious and I’ll take a moment to get that
page updated with better, clearer information and also cross-link it to other
relevant pages.

I know this isn’t a priority at the moment, but for those of us who are
Blender users, we would really appreciate if these xbox samples could include
another format than just .max. Even a .gltf would be super helpful!