.FLT development workflow

Dear Asobo, Another issue I have encounter recently is the inability to modify
.FLT files without having to exit to the main menu so the changes take place.
So for example imagine you want to set your flaps down when a flight loads in
the runway, so you modify the .flt and set this up. You click project rebuild
and nothing happens… no changes… you go nuts thinking you are doing
something wrong… and spend hours and hours to eventually give up and exit the
sim. This also occurs with any variables (even LVARS) or different systems
configuration via .FLT files… It turns out eventually I figured out the
changes to .FLT files only take place when exiting the flight, compiling the
project from main menu and then loading a new flight. This obviously is a very
slow process, and in the ideal world if we could just modify a .FLT file and
hit project re-build… and get these changes to take place it would help us to
expedite the settings for our aircraft during different stages of the sim.
Thanks once again for all the support and the time to read and investigate
this particular issue. Kind Regards, Simbol