Fly-by-wire loss of control during landing

Several users of my F-35 and M-346 (both are fly-by-wire and with when
fly_by_wire_from_flaps = 0) are reporting a temporary loss of control just
before touchdown, or abrupt nose-down command. We are currently unable to
replicate the problem, but seems to affect several users.

I am also experiencing this issue. but the logical temporary fix is setting
fly_by_wire_from_flaps = 0 but that causes

Our users are reporting the problem if flt_by_wire_from_flaps is set to 0. Our
M-346 and F-35 are both set as: fly_by_wire =1 fly_by_wire_from_flaps =0 Note
that setting fly_by_wire_from_flaps to 1 is not a solution but a workaround,
as it disables the fbw if flaps are down. Problems seems to be in the fbw