Free lowpoly, optimized versions of payware aircraft possible? So we don't see Bonanzas everywhere

I created a post on the forum: <
skies-but-not-actually-fly-it/407626> which got some interest but fell off the
mainpage after a few days. I figure it might get more exposure here on the new
sdk q&a; area. If possible, I think it should be standard practice for devs to
create a free lowpoly version of their paid aircraft. Some mentioned using the
isAirTraffic=1 and isUserSelectable=0 flags. Also any plane currently in the
marketplace should automatically have the free lowpoly version of it as part
of the base package. The bonus is people will see your planes flying around
instead of Bonanzas and will want to buy them!

Great idea - you should post it as an “idea” instead of a question though so
people can vote on it!