Fuel system destroyed by Aircraft Editor

didn’t find what I need in the many [FUEL SYSTEM] posts so apologies if I
missed it … SU9 Beta - Devmode - Aircraft Editor whenever I load a project
into the editor ANY Attempts to save or Resync the aircraft results in Long
Spurious entries in the fuel System and NO Changes made in the editor are
saved … This results in subsequent CTD when loading Sim Snippet of code from
The flight_model config BEFORE Loading to editor [FUEL_SYSTEM] Engine.1
= Name:LeftEngine#Index:1
Engine.2 = Name:RearEngine#Index:2 And after
ANY Attempt to save or sync [FUEL_SYSTEM] Engine.1 = Name:785323
808 3207 32706872967168557657409859878725465439182737 835748
Engine.2 =
as mentioned above NONE of the intended changes have been made to the saved
file Neither do they appear in the Reloaded file following a sync

Hello @ModelMuncher This bug is fixed on our side and will be delivered with
the new version of the AircraftEditor that will bring a lot of improvements
and bugfixes. ETA is SU10. Regards, Sylvain

and in the meantime can you suggest How we edit the aircraft ??

Your not saying that we have to “live with it” for SU9 do you?

seems that way :frowning:

Notepad or Notepad ++, you don’t need the aircraft editor to move forward. R.

Hi there, We have just pushed a fix for this which should be included in the
public SU9. Please note that the current version of the Aircraft Editor does
not allow you to edit the [FUEL_SYSTEM] section - you will need to edit it
manually anyway. At least, your changes won’t be corrupted/lost anymore. Best
regards, Eric / Asobo

Sim Update X isn’t even listed on the current development roadmap… July
maybe? So the editor will be corrupting files until then? Perhaps it should
just be removed until SU10? Or did you mean the ETA for fuel system editing is
SU10, and SU9 will stop the corrupting behavior?

Yes, corruption will be fixed in final SU9 and edition will come with SU10.

Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile: