Fuel truck ground service example

Dear Asobo, Would it be possible to pack the Asobo fuel truck vehicles as an
example for the SDK? I am struggling to make the wheels animations to work
properly for some custom vehicles (planned to be injected as AI SimObjects) I
am making. I followed the example on the stairs ground vehicle inside the SDK
for the wheels animations, however, despite of me doing them exactly the same,
the wheels are not animating nicely in MSFS. They seem to skip a bit on
turning at low speed, the wheel radio is set correctly both on .cfg files and
the model.xml templates, the configuration is set the same as Asobo ground
vehicles, etc. I am sure I am missing something and I am pretty confident the
reason is because the 3D art currently packaged with the sample is probably
outdated and we probably need to set the wheels animation in a different way.
Another request if possible, could you guys provide the ground vehicles sounds
Wwise with the ground vehicles example? although we have tutorials for
airplanes sounds, we have zero examples for ground vehicles, jetways, etc. and
we have no idea how to setup these ones accordingly to play nicely, things
like attenuation, distance for the sounds, etc. is all guess work at the
moment. Any help you guys could provide in the meantime would be nicely
appreciated. Best, Raul