Fuelsystem Junction Setting

Hello. I have a junction in my aircraft that does need options, but whatever
syntax that I try use to set the junction, it is just not setting and the
SimVar stays set to 1 (Simvar Watcher Had: “FUELSYSTEM JUNCTION SETTING:1” AND
SHOWED A NUMBER VALUE OF 1.0000) . Some of the syntaxes that I have tried are
listed below. Keep in mind all names below are simplified. Here is an example
of my Flight_Model.cfg where I define the lines and junction: Line.1 =
Name:InLine1 #Source:LTank #Destination:Jctn1 #FuelFlowAt1PSI:0.10
#Volume:0.24 #GravityBasedFuelFlow:10 Line.2 = Name:OutLine1 #Source:Jctn1
#Destination:Vlv1 #FuelFlowAt1PSI:0.10 #Volume:0.24 #GravityBasedFuelFlow:10
Line.3 = Name:OutLine2 #Source:Jctn1 #Destination:Vlv2 #FuelFlowAt1PSI:0.10
#Volume:0.24 #GravityBasedFuelFlow:10 Junction.3 = Name:Jctn1
#InputOnlyLines:InLine1 #OutputOnlyLines:OutLine1,OutLine2
#Option:InLine1,OutLine1 #Option:InLine1,OutLine2 #Option:OutLine1 Here is an
example of several of the key events that I have tried: 3 2
post that mentioned that changes were coming to junctions in SU10, but not
sure if there will be any changes to the key events. Thank you.

The SDK is a bit misleading in describing the FUELSYSTEM_JUNCTION_SET event in
that it refers to the junction index being the first parameter and the option
index being the second parameter. It’s actually the other way around (at
least, it is in SU10b). Assuming you’re wanting to set junction.3 (you don’t
list junction.1 or junction.2 in your example), you’d want to use:
option_index junction_index ( >K:2:FUELSYSTEM_JUNCTION_SET) In the simvar
watcher, you’d need to provide it with the proper junction index to watch,
which in this example of using junction.3, would be ‘FUELSYSTEM JUNCTION

Thank you, your answer works perfectly. To be honest, it makes more sense to
have the junction number first (as the documentation states), but once you
know the dirty little secret, it works as expected. Thank you for your help.