Functional Testing of our own products - documentation?

So tomorrow is the day that we’re apparently able to complete the functional
testing of our own products for Marketplace releases. Can someone point me in
the direction of the documentation which tells us how to go about doing so?
Especially on the Xbox side of things which suggested we will need a physical
device or access to Xbox cloud services. I would like to clear our backlog of
sceneries which have been waiting up to 4 months to release.

Nothing to do with Asobo, ask your Microsoft market place representative what
is the best course of action. Best, Raul

Thanks. They haven’t responded since 15th March.

We have asked them for instructions but like @Gobby said, it has been a while
since they replied to a message.

Isn’t this described in detail here: MSFS Marketplace Partner Functional
Testing of Content - Microsoft Flight

Yes and No. The question on whether a physical XBox or XBox Cloud gaming being
mandatory for testing is not really answered.

Seems pretty clear that MS is now allowing devs to test their product in their
own isolated private, test area, using a standard X-Box X and or S. Partners
are required to use Xbox Series X/S hardware or Xbox Cloud Gaming to test
their own Xbox content. We will gather information from partners on whether
they are using Xbox Series X/S hardware or Xbox Cloud Gaming for functional
testing. Partners are welcome but not required to use a combination of these
Xbox testing mechanisms.

They send a notification last week via Microsoft Teams to everyone with
instructions. Pretty clear obviously you or one of your testers will need a
console. This move from Microsoft is very good, I sense some tension on these
posts, please stay focus on the main goal, you are now in control of your
content releases, Microsoft market place teams have been overloaded and
overwhelmed for a long time, this new method will alleviate these issues and
speed up your content releases. Also, please remember this has nothing to do
with Asobo, if you have any issues with your content tests you should email
MCP via the email contact explained when you joined the Marketplace as an
official 3rd party developer. Unless of course you detect a bug with MSFS and
the SDK. I get you guys get frustrated, but Asobo cannot do anything to help,
it is outside of their scope. In any case now we are all in control of
releasing, communication should improve since the MP team will have much more
space and bandwidth to work with US. Best, Raul

Yep clearer instructions came last week since I posted this question. For
anyone that hasn’t seen them they are here: Still not sure exactly
what to expect come Monday when hopefully all of our sceneries in the backlog
become available for testing. I guess they will be visible on the in-game
Marketplace to install. And on Xbox testing - my understanding is that we
won’t need a physical Xbox, just an Xbox Ultimate Game Pass to run Flight
Simulator on cloud gaming services.

Sorry guys to bring this up. I know it is not an Asobo topic but there are
other devs who may be in the same shoe. We have submitted an update to our
scenery and finally the content browser says it is ready for testing. Now the
big question is how to download the new version through MSFS? I launched the
simulator but in the content browser I do not see nothing. In the
documentation there is nothing in regards of the testing in practice. Thanks!

You’ll be notified once it’s handed to you for testing. It will be available
to download or update via marketplace/content manager to the new version only
by the accounts submitted as testers.

Thanks! In the meanwhile I realised I got a message through Teams but I missed
it. Now it is ready for testing but when I want to download it, marketplace
wants me to buy the product first…

@tsgucci you need to mention it to your teams contact. The first time I tested
a product I was not able to download it either