Game map projection

Hello dear Friends! I am a big fan of your wonderful game. English is not my
native language so sorry. I’ll try to be brief. I make mods for your game
Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). If you don’t mind answering a few
questions, you will help me a lot in creating mods for your game: - Which map
projection is used in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)? I understand
correctly, this is a Mercator projection, like Google map? “Cylindrical earth”

  • where you can not fly around the south and north poles? - And one more
    question, if you don’t mind. Do real flight simulators also use the same
    Mercator projection map as Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)? Thanks a lot!
    With best regards!

Mercator WGS84 is what is used. You can fly near the poles, but it usually
starts to get buggy. I’m not sure what all the other sims use, but coming from
FSX and P3D, those used Geographic Lat/Long WGS84.

rotornut44 Friend, thank you so much!

May I ask, when Asobo is planning to resolve these bugs in the north and south
poles? It seems that there is a bug within all Geographic Lat/Long … The
bug is related to the amount of time it takes to fly a distance between very
far distance points. For example: Try to map a route from Caracas, Venezuela
to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, Indonesia. you will have a result
of 3 routes as calculated by the default MSFS High IFR route. But all seem to
calculate the same amount of time flown, that is not