Gauge Kit Packs for New Developers to MSFS

It would be pretty cool to have ‘gauge packs’ of instrumentation suites that
are standard on the Asobo planes, for new people coming into MSFS to make
planes, and converting their planes to MSFS format, to have gauges read-made
for them that are using your HTML technology. XPland did this, where everyone
used the standard XP instruments for their planes. Then they could focus on
making their planes. A lot of people do not know about how to code, and the
new HTML / Java technology from Asobo can be quite a bit hinderance. Having
gauge packs already sestup, downloadable or in the SDK kit, would enable a
person to quickly outfit their airplane creation, their gauges would work and
work well, and they could focus on their planes more. The kits would consist
of the various types, from airliner to small planes. The kids would feature
mesh models, their various textures in PNG format for use in Max and Blender,
and also the code needed to run the gauges, along with basic instructions for
installing the packs into their planes. I would be up for helping. So much to
learn, so much to do. This would help out so many people, especially new
people coming to your amazing simulator. Instant gauges for them. Bill Ortis
Lionheart Creations