Gear_locked_on_ground not working as expected

I’d like to set this parameter so as to ALLOW the gear to raise / lower while
on the ground, so as to correctly model the solenoid release on my aircraft.
It seems that regardless of whether this parameter is set to 1 or 0, the
simulator is behaving as if it were set to 1. I also note that the SDK doesn’t
actually state 0 and 1 options - it states 1 and 1, which is also likely a
bug. Defines whether or not the landing gear handle is locked to down when
the plane is on the ground (TRUE, 1) or not (FALSE, 1).

Hello @MV-JimStewart From what I can see in the code, the
gear_locked_on_ground parameter doesn’t play a role anymore. The game
doesn’t allow the gear to move on ground whatever this parameter is set to and
the possibility to lock the gear lever is controlled in the Behavior templates
I’ll have to review this with
developers and see if we want to do something with that parameter but you can
consider it obsolete for now. Regards, Sylvain