GEAR POSITION:index can only control the main gear

Version: SU 15 -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Context: In edition / in flight

Bug description: GEAR POSITION:index only operates the main gears, all at once.
I attempted to use it via the SimVarWatcher, and also via ModelBehaviors. In both cases, GEAR POSITION:6 will operate the full main landing gear, instead of the retractable wing float (I inteded to force the wing floats down when spawning on water).*

Repro steps: Use SimvarWatcher to set GEAR POSITION:index to 1 or 2. No matter the index, the full landing gear will be always operated.

Hello @MariopilotPD808 ,

Ground Position doesn’t take any index for writing but only for reading.
For now I do not see any way you could manage your wing floats contact points seperatly from the other gears.



Indeed, thanks. I can only command the lever down and wait for them to deploy.


Mario N.