GEAR_WARNING_SYSTEM Not available yet?

I see many of the default aircraft are using the new info the new AE adds. But
when testing the DA62 or the Icon I hear no sound. So is this something that
is coming soon? Or do we need to add code to our sound.cfg to make this work.
For now I will continue to use our default logic until I hear more on this
subject. Any thoughts? @FlyingRaccoon [GEAR_WARNING_SYSTEM]
gear_warning_available = 1 ; Normal flap_limit_power = 29.75 ; Percent
throttle that activates warning flap_limit_idle = 16 ; Flap angle that
activates warning at idle pct_throttle_limit = 0.2 ; Flap angle that activates
warning at above idle

Hello @Flysimware We have reproduced your issue and are investigating it for
several days, we will come-back to you when a solution is found. Best Regards,

Hello @Flysimware The Gear_Warning_System is already in the game and can be
used if it’s implemented in your aircraft, the DA62 did have an issue with it,
his panel.xml was missing the following annunciation :

            GEAR UP        

It will be corrected in future update. Best Regards, Yohan

The sound event is also missing from the sound.xml


So that is why it never played a sound. Typically you have gear annunciation
and a gear wanrning audio system but they are not the same. The gear
annunciator is usually only for letting the pilot know the gear handle is up
when on the ground or a gear is not fully locked. So basically gear position.
But a [GEAR_WARNING_SYSTEM] based on your values is an audio warning to let
the pilot know the flaps are extended too much with gear up or the throttle is
too low with gear up.

I tested the new code above and the audio does work now. So what sound is it

  1. aural_landing_gear
  2. If so is this default and not in the sound pack?

I tested the new code above and the audio does work now. So what sound is it


If so is this default and not in the sound pack?

Hello @Flysimware The sound used for this warning is “tone_warning”, it’s
initialized in the sound.xml of the DA62 and is defined in the PCK of the
plane. Best Regards, Yohan

Where is the call to the sound.cfg as I do not see the WwiseEvent in the
panel.xml or the interior.xml. So not sure how to make the call the event.

Hello @Flysimware The sound “tone_warning” is called by the Working Title
G1000 when the “GEAR UP” Annunciation detailled above occure. This append
because this annunciation is a Warning and “tone_warning” is a generic sound
for all warnings. Best regards, Yohan

So since I want to create my own and do not use the G1000. I would just use
this SoundEvent tag from the section for the sound.xml to play a custom


Hello @Flysimware In the panel.xml you need to have an alert with at least
those two parameter :


and in the sound.xml AvionicSound section :

And of course the aural_landing_gear sound should be defined in your custom
sound bank. Hope that help, best regards, Yohan