GET_AIR_TRAFFIC Returns Non-Aircraft Generated Objects

Ground vehicles created with SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject are
returned with the GET_AIR_TRAFFIC Coherent call with type JS_NPCPlane. I
would expect ground vehicles, ships or any other objects that are not
Aircraft, not to be returned by this Coherent call.

Alternately it would be nice to get ground vehicles (or aircraft) with a
(working) ground flag, as is the case for ADS-B, and an indication of the
vehicle type. Greater ADS-B support with information like callsign would also
be desirable.

Agreed. If we could get the isOnGround flag working as expected, then most of
the issues would be solved.

Hello @TazX Thank you for the feedback, we were able to reproduce the issue
and a bug has been added to our backlog. Regards, Sylvain

Thank you for your prompt response. Please, take into account the comment by
@tracernz. Having the isOnGround flag working as expected is actually more
relevant in this case.