Get ATIS from simconnect

How can I get ATIS information from an airport with simconnect ? Thank you

Hello @thibaultblf At the moment this is not possible. But we will consider
adding it to the new SimConnect NavData API. Regards, Sylvain

@thibaultblf Just to clarify, we can probably provide ATIS for the airport
your COM frequency is set to. If you are talking about D-ATIS, this is more
complicated as we don’t have airport and weather information available at all
times all across the world.

Yes, if we could have from simconnect, the ATIS text that is display in the
ATC panel, it could be great !

does this mean we could be able to get Weather Infos via SimConnect even
without having the current COM Frequency? 1) Request Facililty-Data for
Airport, incl. Frequency 2) Get ATIS Frequency 3) Use the Frequency in the
possible new SimConnect-Request