"Ghost Terraforming"

Airport: KSNC Chester Community folder emptied; scenery cache deleted. Should
be the original MSFS PD game now with no mods. I go to fly at KSNC and the
airport is totally flat. I enter dev mode and disable terraforming, now the
airport has all the hills that it has in real life and it looks amazing. why
would an airport be terraformed without anything in the community folder? id
love to be able to find where the terraforming polygon is located so I can
delete it.

Deleting base files is a bad idea. The file that contains flattens is a CVX
file, that contains airport flattens for several airports. You might try to
make a rectangle with a heightmap. That might do it, but it will take some
work. I don’t believe we have a CVX exclude for flattens.

(Almost?) all default runways /airport has a wide flatten enabled. This
prevents a lot of issues related to elevation mesh (like the DEM mistaking
buildings for hills, bumpy taxiways, random craters). If you don’t care about
confusing AI traffic you can try making an airport project with a custom
runway with short terraforming falloff and no flatten.

So the flatten is linked to the default runway? Ill try that

Triedadding my own runway and deleting original, no luck, i knowiys possible
because the dev that made Robertson airport did it. Just not sure how i would
get rid of the default flatten. Whats also weird is whenever i go into scenery
editor it unflattens the airport. Then i save it and go into gameplay and its
flattened again

If you add an airport in your project, like you should have already, the
default terraforming should be removed. I always use the delete check boxes
under the airport settings to remove all the common things. Taxi Lights,
Runways, Taxiways, Starts, etc. I usually tell it to remove everything except
for navaids, approaches, frequencies, unless of course, required depending on
my intention with the project. Then if you successfully build a package from
that and place it in your community folder, the terraforming should be gone
when you start up MSFS. I’ve never had an issue with default terraforming
sticking around.

Amazing, thank you, i was just deleting the runway and that wasnt quite
cutting it probably because everything else was still in there, i will try
again tonight, thank you so much ive been going crazy with this.