Glider autonomous mode

I have a motor glider that normally has wing runners will the be possible in
autonomous mode when its fully implemented ?

Good news - the launch types for a ‘glider’ type aircraft are specified in
, including allowAutonomousLaunch = 1 which adds an additional
“autonomous” (i.e. no winch or aerotow) option to the Launch Method options
for your plane.
For an example see the AS33 ( Warning:
If you work out how to get the PROPELLER TO STOP WHILE AIRBORN (zero rpm, zero
drag) please post in here - that detail has been impossible in
fs2002/2004/FSX/MSFS forever but there’s some undocumented hack for the Asobo
DG1001 which mostly works. In the meantime you’ll need to fake the prop
stopping (i.e. halt the animation and sounds) but MSFS will still be
generating the thrusts and torques for the prop it thinks is still spinning
which will seriously affect your flight model. Hint: to avoid the permanent
drag of the modern prop model, use the FSX one. There’s a reason every prop in
MSFS windmills at 1000+ rpm engine off - it’s because that bit of the sim is
seriously broken, but in normal flight that only really affects motor